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Harriet Tubman s Original Birth - 2119 Words

Harriet Tubman, an African American slave during the early 1800s, believed she deserved to be treated with respect and have a better life. What stopped her were her surroundings, she saw others like her who were treated like a piece of trash on the side of a road and wanted them to have a better life as well. Harriet Tubman’s many contributions as the â€Å"conductor† of the Underground Railroad and a civil rights activist helped many African Americans thrive. Harriet Tubman’s original birth name was Araminta â€Å"Minty† Ross but she changed it after she freed herself from Maryland. Some people were curious as to where she had thought of the name â€Å"Harriet† they came to the conclusion that it was to honor her mother, and because she had gotten†¦show more content†¦He ended up in the store that Tubman was at. The slave was trying to escape the general store because he was trapped in the tiny store, but the slave’s overseer blocked the door way. As the overseer blocked the door he commanded Tubman to help tie the slave down but she refused knowing that it was wrong to help capture an African American man going through the same hardships as her and knowing that he must have suffered as much as she did. As she was refusing the slave broke free and ran yet again, the overseer had gotten angry and threw a heavy metal object toward the slave but missed and hit Harriet Tubman in the head. â€Å"Tubmanâ₠¬â„¢s early act of defiance against the overseer and the system he represented served to strengthen her resolve that she would one day attempt her own flight to freedom.† (National Women’s History Museum par. 1). She would not let her â€Å"sleeping spells† get in her way for what she was going to do, but that hit in the head gave her a motivation to fight for freedom for all African Americans slaves. As many people in the world, Tubman had wanted to get married and have a family. Harriet Tubman had met John Tubman in 1844 and was granted permission to marry him. â€Å"By the laws of the slave-holding states, she is still enslaved†¦until the passage of the Fugitive Slave Act, in the free states she can live a free life.† (Lowry 151). He was a free African American although if they decided

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My Observation On Early Childhood Essay - 899 Words

Early childhood I choose to complete my observation on a three year old boy. His name is Brayden and he was born 01/12/12. He is on the younger side of this observation. The observation was completed at his home and in his yard. Some of the objects we used where a ball, cups, a bowl, water, MM candies, crayons, coloring books and play-doh. Being that Brayden is at a very active age, I started with the calmer task first. Therefore, I observed his socio-emotional development first. Brayden goes to daycare 1-2 days a week. The rest of the days he is with his mom or grandmother. I was able to observe Brayden playing with another child his age at his home. He appears to play well interacting with the other child. Sharing seems to be difficult at times for him. I then asked Brayden several questions about girls and boys. At this age, I would think he really does not know the true differences between girls and boys. When I asked him what a girl looks like he responded with, â€Å"like mom my†. Then when asked what a boy looked like he responded with, â€Å"like daddy and me†. He could not describe any specific characteristics of a boy or girl. When I asked about their hair, he went off into his own conversation about hair not related to boy or girl characteristics. I also noticed his use of the words such as him, his, he, she and her are not always at appropriate times. I asked Brayden, what can boys and girls do equally? Brayden responded with, â€Å"a boy can flip and a girl can flip†.Show MoreRelatedA Pleasurable And Educational Preschool Observation1271 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿ A Pleasurable and Educational Preschool Observation: Option E I observed a 4 year old preschool class during playtime in Staten Island, New York. The class consisted of eight children, and one certified preschool teacher. There were 4 boys and 4 girls in the class. During my sixty minute observation I noticed several instances of dramatic play, peer relationships, relationships with adults, and self-control. Dramatic Play During my observation, I witnessed a group of two- one boy and one girl-playingRead MoreChild Study1040 Words   |  5 PagesWhat an observation is Important factors to consider when carrying out a child study Five areas of child development P.I.L.E.S Types of observations I used. Were the study took place. Child profile/description of the child. Child observation 1 – Physical narrative Child observation2 – language Flow chart Child observation 3- cognitive- Narritive. Child Observation 4 social -check list. Observation 5 language. Overall Evaluation Biblography Aim My aim is toRead MoreDeveloping A Safe And Healthy Environment1471 Words   |  6 Pageschild (Early Learning for, 2007, p. 3). In November 2004, the Ontario administration created a great plan called the â€Å"Early Learning for Every Child Today† (ELECT). By launching this plan, Ontario fulfilled its dream. In addition, the ELECT document contains comprehensive and rich sources of information that enhances, rather than modifies, planned curriculum in all Ontario’s care centers operating under the Day Nurseries Act. As long as early childhood professionals working in early childhood settingsRead MoreField Child Observation At Colorado Lagoon894 Words   |  4 PagesField Child Observation at Colorado Lagoon Generally, everyone knows that children go from being defenseless newborns that stay where they were placed to walking, talking machines in just about a year or two. And we do know that the physical, mental, and emotional growth of the little children are accomplishing at very moment based on the influence of their surrounding environment, and involvement of the parents with their children. Base on the experiences with my two and three years-old kids (OsanaRead MoreMiddle Childhood Observation Essay681 Words   |  3 PagesFor my middle childhood observation I chose a 10 year old female by the name of Mycah Landry. Just to give you a bit of a background, Mycah attends a magnet school and makes straight A’s. She is a very smart young girl. We will start off by comparing Mycah’s physical development to that of Berger’s in the text. As documented in the text â€Å"Unlike infants or adolescents, school-age children’s growth is slow and steady. Self-care is e asy –from brushing their new adult teeth to dressing themselves, fromRead MoreEarly Childhood Education1635 Words   |  7 Pages Early Childhood Education What kinds of activities have you used to provide the YOUNG children (preschool) with whom you have worked with the opportunity to solve problems of different kinds? I use puzzles often. Matching games are also effective. I also use interactive activities that include questions and answers with the students. If we are pretending to be animals, I might ask, what is an animal that begins with a K (I usually use letters that come from the students names). Then I mightRead MoreThe Assessment Process Of The Early Childhood Classroom942 Words   |  4 PagesModule 1 Assessments Explain the Assessment process as used in the early childhood classroom The assessment process in the classroom can be completed in several different ways, but they are effective in helping children. Some steps may include observations, testing, and evaluations. These assessments can help the caregivers provide the children with the best care possible and available for them. These observations and test may be completed from several sources and situations to ensure the test areRead MoreObservation Paper1649 Words   |  7 PagesObservation In order to be a good educator, it is critical to observe children during their learning experiences. Observations allow the educator to determine what the child knows, can do and understand (Early Childhood Australia, 2012, p.1). Observations help the educator to implement experiences, which are of interest to the children helping to build on their knowledge. According to Curtis Carter (2013, p. 16) educators have many demands and distractions; therefore learning to pay attention requiresRead MoreMy Observation Of Children During Family Settings981 Words   |  4 PagesFamily Demographics For my observation of children in family settings, I observed my nephew Maison inside his home. This observation occurred on October 24, 2015 from 6:00-8:30. This observation took place in their home on a school day so no major activities in the home were going on at this time. It was an average day for the family where the children were picked up from after school daycare due to the fact that both parents are working. During the observation, Maison’s entire family was home.Read MoreWhat Are The 3 And Their Meanings?1402 Words   |  6 Pages†¢ Becoming recognises the process and significant change that children develop through in the early years. Children’s identities, knowledge, understandings, capacities, skills, and relationships begin to change during childhood as they learn and grow (DEEWR, 2009). Personal Professional Reflection: How can young children fully and actively participate in society? As children develop through the early years they begin to actively participate in society through various events and experiences that

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How to Score A1 Grade in English Subject of Ssc Free Essays

English – Study Plan Planning your study helps in making it extensive and thorough. Given below are some guidelines that may help you to score high in each section of SSC English papers. Answering questions based on the lessons in the main reader: Start by studying the questions for comprehension asked after each lesson at least a few times, which helps in grasping the important topics that can be asked in each lesson. We will write a custom essay sample on How to Score A1 Grade in English Subject of Ssc or any similar topic only for you Order Now Then take up a more detailed approach for a deeper understanding of each lesson-to understand questions better and know the necessary points to be written for each question. Make a note of the important topics-whichever can be asked as questions. Don’t depend entirely on the questions given after each lesson. Meanings: Keep a dictionary beside you while reading lessons to look up the meanings of words you are not so sure of the meaning. Also a dictionary/thesaurus gives a list of similar meaning words. Meaning of the underlined word: Knowing the different ways a word can be used and the meaning it conveys in each context helps you score marks in the ‘meaning of the underlined word’ section. Ask the teacher for the subtle differences in meanings and usages of those words. Pronunciation: Listen carefully when the teacher pronounces unfamiliar words. Listening is the way to recognize sounds in a language. This will help in recognizing similarly pronounced words and rhyming words. Spellings: While reading a lesson, observe the spellings and make note of words which may be mis-spelt. E. g. : enmity, pilgrimage, austere etc. This helps in recognizing the wrongly spelt words and correcting them. Read the exercises after each lesson also with a critical eye. Practice solving old question papers, bit banks etc and keep evaluating yourself-your strengths and areas that need more work. Rewriting sentences as directed: Practice the different sentence structures (Direct- Indirect speech, Active-passive voice, conditional clauses, participial clauses, relative clauses etc). Structures taught in 8th and 9th classes also need to be revised. Passages for comprehension: Practice the passages for comprehension-the unseen passages of Paper I and the passages from the supplementary readers in Paper-II. The questions following these passages are for one mark each. So they have to be answered briefly, in a sentence or two. After reading the passage, read all the questions, before attempting to answer them. Two or more questions might seem similar. You need to understand how each question is different from another, to answer them well. Read the relevant part of the passage repeatedly to arrive at a concise, precise answer. Answering questions based on the lessons in the supplementary readers: This is the only section in English question paper that allows the students to choose the questions which they can answer the best. The questions may not be the ones that are given after each lesson in the supplementary readers. So a thorough reading of the lessons is absolutely necessary. Scrambled sentences: The sentences in a passage are jumbled up. The order of the sentences doesn’t convey the meaning correctly. It is necessary to re-arrange the sentences logically, so that they become coherent and connect to each other. Only the letters corresponding to the sentences are to be written in the right order. Writing an argumentative passage based on the given dialogue: Understand the topic being discussed and express your views on the topic. Depending on the topic under discussion, you may argue on one or both sides. It is advisable to divide the argument into a few paragraphs-at least three. State briefly your opinion in the first paragraph. Then go on to express your views, and finally give your conclusion in another paragraph. Letter-writing: Go through the letters given in the previous SSC exams. Practice writing different letters. Understand the difference in style of writing different kinds of formal letters. Business letters: A business letter-answering an advertisement, is different from a letter written to the Editor of a newspaper to be read by the general public. In a business letter we focus on the purpose of writing the letter-applying for a job or educational course. When you are applying for some educational course you need to tell them what attracted you to the course and why you think that course would be helpful to you. When you are applying for a job, you have to mention that your qualifications suit those required for the job. Lay emphasis on the qualities in you that you think would make you a suitable candidate for the job. Express your eagerness to impress the employer with your sincerity. Â ¤ Understand each new word introduced-the subtle differences in similar meaning words-and how they are used. Â ¤ Pay attention to the textual exercises given after each lesson. They are valuable guidelines to develop a good understanding of the language. Link every new word, to words of similar meaning you learnt earlier. Â ¤ The SSC exam tests the knowledge of the student-it includes words and usages introduced in the earlier classes as well. Â ¤ Listen and read extensively-to develop a better vocabulary. Â ¤ Use the words you have newly learnt at every opportunity-in writing letters and in writing your argument based on a dialogue. Â ¤ Understand the difference between formal and informal expression s. Know the vocabulary to be used in each context. Â ¤ Last but not the least-WRITE IN A NEAT, LEGIBLE HANDWRITING. Avoid striking off or overwriting. How to cite How to Score A1 Grade in English Subject of Ssc, Essay examples

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Nitration of acetanilide free essay sample

The experimental procedure was conducted as per instructions from the chemistry 220 manual. We were told to add 5grams of Acetanilide but due to time constraints I had added 5. 05grams. Whilst preparing the mixture of Nitric acid and sulphuric acid, I misjudged the reading on the measuring cylinder once again due to time constraints and consideration toward my fellow peers. As indicated, we were instructed to add the mixture drop wise; I had allowed the tap to run due to a confusion of the tap mechanism. The mixture therefore went up to 20 degrees and dropped gradually back to 11 degrees . After adding a little over 45mL of methanol, in order to start the process of recrystallization, my product was still cloudy. I feel I therefore may have added too much to re-dissolve the product. It took time for my product to break down over the steam and dissolve, yet eventually, suggested by the demonstrator I left it to become fully crystalized once again therefore becoming a ice cold slurry. We will write a custom essay sample on Nitration of acetanilide or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Thereafter filtration took place. Reaction Mechanism: Reference:www. kshitj-school. com en. wikipedia. org Melting point of substance prepared: Para-nitroacetanilide= 214-217 degrees Celsius(http://content. hccfl. edu/faculty/bertrubini/2211%20-%20Electrophilic%20Aromatic%20Substitution. pdf) Melting point of substance prepared: Expected yield: Calculation of yield Limiting agent –acetanilide Moles for limiting agent=5. 05g/135. 16g/mol=0. 0374mol Moles of product=1/1*0. 0374=0. 0374mol Mass product expected=0. 0374*180. 16g/1mol=6. 74g Short discussion: Critical point in this experiment is, due to aromatic nitration of Acetanilide being an exothermic reaction, the temperature must constantly be monitored and there must be slow additions of all reagents. Also every acid must be removed due to hydrogen ions, catalysing the hydrolysis of the amide to p-nitroaliline. Nitronium ion is formed by mixing the concentrated sulphuric acid and nitric acid. An improvement that could be made to the experiment is that the steam baths should have been singular units so we could monitor our substances more thoroughly.

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Americas Teens Up In Smoke Essays - Smoking, Tobacco, Habits

America's Teens Up In Smoke America's Teens Up in Smoke On every street corner in America, you will find a teen smoking. Even though a number of commercials and school orientations have given the effects of smoking, the kids feel they are invincible to the effects smoking can cause. ?Tobacco companies have targeted the youth, ages eleven to seventeen, because they are the future of their industry? and very influential (Britannica online). Yes it is true; the future of America has been the focus of their progression. However, how can we have a healthy outlook on the future if 34.8 percent of our youth are inhaling five hundred chemicals into their bodies (Britannica online)? Society needs to focus on telling teenagers the numerous effects of smoking, so they can live a healthier life. The effects of smoking have long been proven to destroy out bodies. The number one disease caused by smoking is cancer. Ola James' husband died of lung cancer this past summer. She says ? Every time I see someone light a cigarette, I think of how sick Richard was and it breaks my heart.? She has watched the one person who meant more to her than anyone else in the world, die from a disease that TV has advertised for years. Although a smoker for many years, Richard James might be alive today if he had quit smoking when he was young. Smoking can also cause emphysema, which is a condition of the lungs marked by distension and frequently by impairment of heart action. Smoking has also been known to cause yellow stains on teeth, inflamed gums, periodontal disease, and other diseases of the mouth (Britannica online). With that in mind, who wants to have a cigarette hanging out of their mouth? Well the answer to that question can be answered in two words . . . today's youth. While no one really understands why teenagers take their first puff, whether it's peer pressure or another reason, the fact is that they do. Obviously they don't have a high regard for their health. After repeatedly being told that smoking is bad, teenagers just do not seem to care. Another problem with smoking is the effects it has on others around you. Studies have shown that second hand smoke is more dangerous than first hand smoke ( It causes those around them to be more susecptable to getting respritory problems and cancer. Now the 34.8 percent of the youth are not only bringing themselves down, but they are bringing down the rest of the population with them. If teenagers continue to smoke while they are pregnant, it will result in low birth weights and/or severe birth defects. This is not making America's future look to bright. Although teenagers have been warned of the effects of smoking, they will continue to light up whenever and wherever they please. We as citizens must fight to make teenage smoking harder to start. We must make new laws, ensure that America follows these laws, and punish those who break them. I don't know who had it worse, teenagers fifty years ago who didn't know the effects of smoking, or teenagers today who do know the effects and just don't care. Smoking is doing nothing but harming the youth through diseases, and hurting those around them. If they knew more about the effects, then maybe they would not be so quick to start.

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Hewlett Packard Company in Vietnam Essays

Hewlett Packard Company in Vietnam Essays Hewlett Packard Company in Vietnam Paper Hewlett Packard Company in Vietnam Paper Meeting with Dry Vow Van Mat, Managing Director of HIP, distributor In Vietnam: Dry Maim expected the IT market in Vietnam to hit US$500 million by the year 2000. The market size had doubled each year for the past few years and Dry Maim expected the IT market to grow even more rapidly in the next two years. Currently, IT took the form of mainly personal computers (PCs) with some limited local area networks. Vietnam, being an IT Greenfield, looked likely to adopt client-server technology In a big way, bypassing legacy and proprietary systems common In most developing and developed countries. The PC brands available in Vietnam included Compact, HP. ACRE, Weariness, SAT, Digital, Unions and IBM. Dry Maim felt that the most attractive segments of the IT market would be finance, utilities, telecommunications, petrochemical and airlines. Today, within Vietnam, the primary means of data transmission was using phone lines and modem. Between Hanoi and Ho Chi Mining City, more sophisticated and higher bandwidth transmission methods were available through Fiber Optic Links and X. 25. Dry conclusions were that it would be three to four years before the Vietnamese market became really significant In IT revenues. He felt that the next two years would be critical In establishing a presence and building relationships and awareness AT products Ana services. Totaling Outages Tort II expenditure was still a problem. The IT-2000 plan, however, was a clear indication of the commitment to IT. Meeting with Ross Nicholson, General Manager of DHAL Worldwide Express: Ross Nicholson felt that it had access to good market information as DHAL had been operating in Vietnam since 1988. DHAL worked through the Vietnam Post Office as the Vietnamese government still controlled the provision of mail and postal services eighty. Ross told us that things had not boomed as expected since the American embargo was lifted. Some obstacles, like chaotic taxation laws and investment risks, still plagued potential investors. In the short-term, the Mexican peso incident was likely to affect the investor outlook, especially in emerging economies like Vietnam. In opinion, the finance industry had the highest prospects for growth in the immediate future. In time, more technologically advanced production activity would take place. DHAL would then have the opportunity to sell logistics arrives to these new entrants, leveraging on their long experience in the Vietnamese market. DHAL would like to get itself integrated into these companies, which would be very happy to listen because they were in start-up mode. Nicholson believed that there would not be anything spectacular for two or three more years. He cited lack of skilled IT personnel as one of the obstacles to IT growth. Still, he felt that it was well worth the investment of establishing a presence in Vietnam now, so that when the boom came, companies like DHAL would be well positioned to capitalize on the ensuing growth. DHAL currently used a standalone PC for its IT needs. This was certainly not suitable for the anticipated growth. Ross intended to upgrade to a nationwide system comprised of two HP 9000 Sees. Meeting with Dry Triune Gig Bin, Managing Director of FTP: The Corporation for Financing and Promoting Technology (FTP) was a wholly owned government company incorporated under the auspices of the Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment (MOST). Dry Bin, the managing director of FTP and son-in-law of a prominent general in Vietnam, elaborated on the difference in status teen a representative office and an operating office. Basically, a representative office could only acquire goods required for the operation of the office. It was not allowed to receive payment for any products or services rendered but could provide marketing and support services as part of its distributor support service. Commenting on the attractiveness of the IT market, Dry Bin felt that the financial sector would be very attractive, due to high growth prospects and the prominence placed on it by the Vietnamese economy in the next three to four years. Walt Hal scan Dud, Director AT electrical services Ana operations, Vietnam Mobile Telecommunication Services: Ha Chaos Dud expressed that he looked forward to a long term relationship with HP. He mentioned the tremendous opportunities in Vietnam Mobile Telecoms Services (VIM) to build network. Today VIM supplied cellular services to 9000 subscribers in Ho Chi Mining City and Hanoi. The IT projects needed to facilitate the provision of cellular services were in operation, transmission, business support, finance, end-user computing and emailing. He also mentioned that the next project would involve some management system software for the telecommunication network. Meeting with Unguent Train, Chairman of HCI Computer Association: Unguent Train was a very influential personality in IT and chairman of Ho Chi Mini City Computer Association. The Vietnam IT 2000 plan would be driven centrally from Hanoi. The city also had a board, which would oversee the implementation of the IT 2000 plan. The plan had been approved and Mr.. Unguent revealed details regarding the two other projects. One was IT applications for municipal and government administration in the areas of rainspout and traffic control, financial control, industrial administration, land property, city planning, trade services and manpower development. The other was governmental IT infrastructural development. This included the setup of units such as the Centre for System Analysis and Design and the Center for Manpower Development and projects such as the feasibility study for Ho Chi Mini DEED, a museum for IT development and an Internet gateway for Vietnam. In his estimate, the market size of the Vietnamese IT industry would be IIS$500 million by the year 2000. Market Entry Decision Options Vietnam represented a promising market with untapped potential. There were, however, risks. Despite all the recent rapid progress toward a free economy, the basic political structure in Vietnam had not changed. Although Vietnam had recently adopted an open door policy, economic development in the country was only beginning to take off, and the pace and direction of reform was still uncertain. Although the economy was robust, the economy suffered from high inflation and the dong was expected to depreciate against the U. S dollar. There were gaps in Vietnam? gal framework with two instances where business firms were subjected to different interpretations of the law by authorities at different levels in the government, which resulted in different applications of the same law. This had caused uncertainties and delay on the business setup. Although ten International technology (l l) market In Valetta Ana potential, ten market was currently small and the market growth was uncertain. HEAP management needed to weigh the positive and negative factors before deciding if the company should enter the Vietnam market in a more strategic manner. HEAP had to decide the market entry options which were available to them. They could appoint one or more independent organizations as distributors; or set up a joint venture partnership. Other options included franchising, direct presence through a wholly owned subsidiary or representative office to provide marketing, sales support and management services. John knew he had to make a decision soon. Many of its competitors had already made strategic moves in Vietnam. If HEAP did not act quickly, they might be left behind. (Adapted from by John S. Hill)

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Cold War era Presidents Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Cold War era Presidents - Coursework Example Issues that we consider to be at the core of the United States democratic experiment, like individual freedom, were trumped by the political realities of the Cold War whenever the two came into conflict. Sadly, they came into conflict more than we might like. On the one hand, we can accept the idea that Soviet-style communism was not a source of or way of providing real freedom. The Soviets were authoritarian and controlling, and the centrally-planned structure of the Soviet system was often enforced with violence, as well as with harsh, politically motivated punishments. In this sense, the fight against communism, whether it involved funding Afghani fighters resisting Soviet occupation, or fighting the North Koreans, or embargoing Cuba, can all be seen as effort to promote freedom abroad by curtailing and containing the spread of such a vicious and draconian form of communism. On the other hand, Cold War Presidents tended to make decisions that were so committed to fighting the spre ad of communism that they often sacrificed the freedom of many to do so. This happened both domestically and in foreign policy. On the domestic front, many core civil rights issues were left to droop, creating an uncomfortable proximity between the message America was trying to transmit abroad and the reality of freedom and equality at home.